Artist Gallery

Welcome to the Artist Gallery

We are creating a community for Artists to gain recognition and pay it forward. Of Course Artists will feature Emerald Creek products, but they are also allowed to incorporate other brands in order to develop their unique Art piece.

We will be selling our Artist Gallery works here. This initiative is to help artists succeed in developing their business and to help a Charity of their choice at the same time. Please join us in creating a new positive change for 2020.

Every 2 weeks we will feature a new artist and their work. We will hold a closed bid auction for the artwork. 50% of the proceeds will go to the artist and 50% will go to the Charity of the Artists Choice.

 Please Join us Regularly here as we help Artists grow their businesses.


Closed Bid** Auction Dates:

March 1,2020 - Candy Rosenberg & Ericka Strange

June 1, 2020 - Michelle Wells, Ramya Abhijit, Rituparna, Lori Warren, Priya Satish, Heidi Mattessich

December 1, 2020 - 

March 1, 2021 - 


**Closed bid auctions will be open for 24 hours, Bids will be excepted via private email and will require your social media and contact info. If you are the winner we will contact you directly and confirm we can disclose you as the winner. We will not disclose the amount you won the bid for.

  Remember that 50% of proceeds go to the Artist and 50% goes to their Charity. 

Also, Shipping has been predetermined for Canada and the US and is set for you in the description, international may incur additional fees. We will work to make sure the costs are reasonable industry rates, no markups.


If you wish to apply for a chance to be a featured Artist, email 3 of your works of art and your social media links to