Priya Satish

Priya Satish


A little About Me....

A graduate in Chemistry, a passionate Bharathanatyam dancer, allured towards the alchemy of art for the past 21 years. Dance has taught me that any sense of direction to my future should come out of my own hands. This reflection contributed to engaging my wishes in sketching. I wanted my strokes to speak in this pursuit with a firm belief that Art breathes life into space. The blending of colours in creating works of art has always fascinated me. This curiosity and fascination led me to learn the art of painting. My exposure and training in the field of dance and painting has instilled confidence in me to try out many things in life. I like all traditional Indian art forms, Tanjore Painting and Kerala Murals being my all time favourite. Gradually, I realized my love and inclination towards vintage, rustic, wooden, masculine, distressed, shabby chic and ethnic art forms too. Whatever work I do, I put my heart and soul into it. In most of my works, you can see a positive quote that encourages one to believe in oneself. I prefer to leave my works immaculate, possibly because of my traditional background. I leave my roots unearthed... That is, I try to retain the background as much as I can, in my works too (pun intended). Creativity for me is all about inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and still having fun.  I believe that Life isn't about finding yourself; Life is about creating yourself. Be Simple and never say - I give up!!!

I'm Fevicryl Certified Specialist from India and Internationally Certified One Stroke Painting Instructor. 


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Emerald Creek Products Used
Embossing Powders
Baked Texture - Blizzard
Black Cherry - Aroma EP
Decor (embellishments)
Pine Cone Charm
Birdcage Charm 6/pkg
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50% of this sale will go to Priya's Charity (see below) and Priya will receive the other 50% (which she also will be donating)

Auction Coming June 2020 pending COVID Situation



Due to the COVID19 Situation, we have opted to hold on some of the Charitable submissions, until the Auction. That way we can select a recipient we see most in need.

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