EC Artist - Ellie Knol-Groenveld

Ellie Knol-Groenveld

I am Ellie Knol-Groenveld. I’ve been born in Brasil, lived there for 9 years, when we moved to South Africa. At age 23 I moved to the Netherlands, where I married the love of my life. We’ve got 4 children, one son in law and one grandchild-to-be in April 2017. We will be celebrating our 30th. wedding anniversary in 2017. Where has time gone? HAPPY! I am a christian…

I started stamping about 7 years ago, after I’ve been watercoloring for about 12 years. I think I finally got to my ‘own’ style.

What’s my style? I think others will mention my use of color, my very ‘own’ style with stamped collages, my preference of nature stamps; I get positive comments on these issues.

I’ve got two blogs: and

I LOVE to play with paper, stamps and color! It’s the most enjoyable craft in the world, for sure! I think of myself as just one more crafter who likes to get messy and get lost in creating a happy mess.

I love to create collages! What’s better than to create, with the use of all sorts of media, from gesso to watercolor pencils, from inks to acrylic paints??!! And stencils of course!

I also have some own stamp designs with Magenta, called ‘Ellie Knol designs’ and also with Emerald Creek as from September 2016.

I’m in a whole bunch of design teams at the moment, and enjoy everyone of them! To learn more about that, please have a look on my blog, also for details on past and guest design teams.

I’m happy!

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