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The Canadiana category captures the heart and soul of Canada with its range of cling mount products. Celebrating the rich heritage and diversity of this great nation, each product in this collection is designed to ignite a sense of national pride and nostalgia.

Whether you are a proud Canadian or simply captivated by the beauty and charm of the Great White North, the Canadiana category offers a wide variety of options to display your love for all things Canadian. From iconic Canadian symbols like the Canadian beaver and the maple leaf, to nostalgic elements such as pre-1999 Canadian coins, this category has something for everyone.

The Canadian beaver cling mount is a true representation of Canadian wildlife. Known as a symbol of industry, resilience, and resourcefulness, the beaver holds a special place in Canadian culture and history. The Mapleworks cling mount pays homage to the beloved maple tree, a national emblem that has come to symbolize Canada's natural beauty and strength.

For those who appreciate the intricate details of nature, the Canadian leaves cling mount offers a stunning portrayal of the variety and richness of autumn foliage found across the country. Meanwhile, the Maple Leaves 'n dots cling mount combines the elegance of the maple leaf with a playful and modern twist.

In addition to these nature-inspired designs, the Canadiana category also includes a range of cling mounts featuring Canadian currency. From the iconic Canadian flag cling mount to representations of coins such as the toonie, penny, nickel, loonie, dime, and quarter, these products showcase Canada's unique monetary system and its impact on daily life.

Whether you choose to proudly display the Canadian flag, highlight the beauty of Canadian nature, or pay tribute to the country's coinage, the Canadiana category offers a diverse range of cling mount products that are perfect for adding a touch of Canadian pride to your home, office, or personal space. As you browse through the collection, you are sure to find a design that resonates with your Canadian identity or simply captures the essence of this beautiful country.
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