Halloween by Sarah Hurley

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1. Super Spooky - 2.43 x 2.50"
2. Boo! - 1.20 x 1.30"
3. Halloween - 2.24 x 2.43"
4. Trick or Treat - 3.43 x 0.63"
5. Witch Hat - 1.18 x 1.20"
6. Haunted House - 2.24 x 1.77"
7. Ghost - 0.91 x 1.30"
8. Pumpkin - 1.22 x 1.65"
9. Bat - 2.13 x 0.75"
10. Spider - 0.71 x 1.22"
11. Cauldron - 1.12 x 1.20"
12. Tombstone - 1.34 x 1.34"

Are you ready to turn your crafts into something spookily spectacular? Look no further than the Halloween by Sarah Hurley Red Rubber Stamp Set – the perfect tool to add a touch of Halloween magic to all your creative projects!

This stamp set is a must-have for anyone who loves to get into the festive spirit during Halloween. Packed with twelve unique designs, this collection offers an array of classic Halloween elements that will instantly transform any project into a ghoulish delight! Each rubber stamp is expertly crafted to ensure crisp and clear impressions every time.

Each stamp piece in this collection embodies the spirit of Halloween. From the eerie Haunted House to the wickedly enchanting Witch Hat, these designs celebrate all the elements we love about this special holiday. Add a touch of mystery with the Ghost and Bat, or create a spooky ambiance with the Pumpkin and Tombstone. The options are endless and are only limited by your imagination!

Designed and created by the talented Sarah Hurley, this stamp set captures the essence of Halloween with its intricate details and whimsical charm. Whether you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner looking to explore your creative side, this Halloween stamp collection is the perfect addition to your craft supplies.

Measuring approximately 5.57 x 7 inches in size, these stamps are perfect for cards, scrapbooking, art journaling, and so much more. Use them to create one-of-a-kind invitations for your Halloween party, decorate your spooky treat bags, or bring your spooky stories to life! The possibilities are endless.

Get ready to embrace the ghostly season with the Halloween by Sarah Hurley Red Rubber Stamp Set. Let your imagination run wild and create something truly magical this Halloween!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review