Embracing Our New Normal by Kim Evans of Emerald Creek

Posted by Kim Evans on 16th Mar 2020

Embracing Our New Normal by Kim Evans of Emerald Creek

We are including our newsletter for our retail clients here. 

I am excited by the challenges ahead. Some are scary, some are helping us return to an excellent practice of personal balance and care. 

I heard a story this past weekend. 

'An elderly gentlemen was in the store, lightly weeping as he stood in the empty isle. A friend had approached him to ask if he was okay and needed help. He quietly spoke as he was choked up. He spoke of the great depression he saw as a young child. He said everyone was kind, everyone helped each other. Today he witnessed a series of similar circumstance, but no one was kind, no one cared about another. Making today's less serious crisis, sadder then the Great Depression'


Be Kind

Be Courteous

Be Supportive

Be Loving

Be Happy

Be Wise

Be Patient

Be Safe

Be Clean

We all matter and together we will all get through this!

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