Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Posted by Kim Evans on 13th Apr 2020


From last weeks Post here is the recipe I used for the WHO version of Hand Sanitizer as per POPULAR SCIENCE. Click Here for More from the blog post

Exerpt from the PopSci Post

....."Instructions for the WHO formulation


The WHO has a comprehensive guide on how to make your own hand sanitizer—the only problem is that if you follow these instructions, you’ll end up with a lot of it. Like, exactly 2.6 gallons of it. If you want to make enough to last you, your family, and all your friends through a zombie apocalypse, you definitely can. But if you want to keep things on a smaller scale, we’ve adapted the measurements for you."......

The roller ball container was purchased at Windy Point

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Disclaimer: We are not a medical lab and these are recommended by trusted sources. Any desire to create this at your home does not make Emerald Creek or its affiliates liable for any outcomes. Making and using is at your own risk.